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Price Tower Entrance

David Lee Anderson © 2020

Price Tower Arts Center is such a varied structure, I had to do three paintings. It looks so different from many perspectives. This painting is the same size as the Price Tower Vertical view, 12" X 18" and if you look down from that view, you would see the Price Tower Entrance. Frank Lloyd Wright designed every aspect of the building: the interiors, the furniture, the wall decorations, the colors of the walls and the floors, shape of the lighting, everything. He called this "the tree that escaped the crowded forest", basing the entire structure on a trunk with leaves hanging from it. It had originally been designed as part of an apartment complex in New York City that was shelved because of the Great Depression.
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16" x 20" matted print, $50
12" x 18" original frame painting, acrylic on gessoed masonite, $1500